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The project is located on the Iskar River at the village of Kunino, Roman Municipality, some 110 km northeast of Sofia. The project is with 4.41 MW installed capacity, the project company is Kunino Energy AD. The Iskar River is the biggest internal river in Bulgaria, and the location of the project is 5 km after the major tributary of Iskar – Malak Iskar.

The project is in operation since 29 May 2013 and signed a 15 years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with CEZ Electro Bulgaria on 6 June 2013 at fixed feed in tariff of EUR 98.86/MWh.

The project is expected to generate average yearly production of electricity in the range of 26,000 to 28,000 MWh, which translates in revenues of EUR 2.2 million for the first 15 years.

The operational life of the project is quite long and with proper maintenance can exceed 100 years.